Welcome to my blog. I have been a single mom since my youngest was 1 1/2 years old. With being single, I felt the need to be there for my children as they grew up, but I also had to be able to support us. So I became a Work at Home mom. Over the years I have learned that just because you have to be on a budget when it comes to feeding 3 people, 2 of them being growing boys that tend to eat you out of house and home, doesn’t mean you have to live on PBJ sandwiches and Romain Noodles(yuck).

Because of so many scams on the internet, I decided to start this blog to help others find real work at home jobs.  How to spend less than $300 a month on groceries and still eat healthily.  I will be posting on ways to save money and even post links to legitimate sweepstakes that do not require you do a survey just to get entered.  Occasionally, I will give reviews on products that I have tried and feel they are a good fit for making your life easier or not.  I will never turn this into a subscription site, but occasionally some of the links may generate me some income, which will help defray the cost of my hosting fees and also enable me to one day be able to run some giveaways of my own for my loyal readers.