Business Opportunity


Good morning everyone. I have told you all that I will share with you when I find things that I feel is looking more into. This new company on the scene is not just a business opportunity, but also it is a lifestyle change. It is taking us back to our roots. I usually shy away from Network Marketing, MLM Marketing and any companies like that because I have been so badly burned in the past by the likes of such companies that just do not work for the average person. I have already tried one their products, which is the Beauty Defined Salve and am loving it. The name is deceiving, because its purpose, is a lot more than just to nourish your skin with a healthy product. And the comp plan is simply amazing. Investment to get started is also very low. We are talking about just $15 to become a Brand Ambassador. But I will let you do your own homework. Here is the link to get some information on just click  By the way, the picture above is just 2 of the products.  They will have a whole line of life style products.

Work at home Customer Service and Tech jobs

Convergys is currently hiring a lot of people for customer service and tech position jobs.  They have work from home positions and call center positions.  You are considered an employee so they take care of the taxes, etc.   They also offer insurance, retirement packages and other perks.  I asked the recruiter if it was ok to post this information on my blog and she said it was, just to make sure I gave my name as the referrer.  So when you apply please use my name “Darla Meng” as your referrer.   I applied late Monday night, took the assessment and Tuesday morning I had a email to take 3 other tests(typing, computer hardware knowledge, that type of thing) and Tuesday afternoon got a call to schedule a interview for today.  Good Luck.

They have several jobs open, but the ones I mentioned above is for the customer service and Job Number is 115310 and the Job Number for the tech support one is 115964.


Again good luck and us know if you get hired.

Writing Jobs

Here are some writing jobs.  As always, please do your own research on these companies.  



Blogger for Jobacle
Chief Copyeditor AOL News
Custom Stock cards – 
Cyber Edit – 
Edit Fast – 
Edu Writers –
NAA Support
Tech/Small Biz. Blogger at Creative Weblogging
Technical Writers/Authors/Bloggers
Write For Cash –
Writer Find –

Hostgator Hosting Review

If you are ever looking for a hosting company, I strongly recommend Hostgator.  These guys really are awesome.  I have had them for a number of years now.  And it does not matter what time day or night you have a problem, you can always quickly reach someone for assistance.

In the past, I had tried over 10 different hosting companies and none of them ever compared to what I received along with customer support from hostgator.  I have been meaning to write this for awhile and just kept getting sidetracked.  Than, this morning as I was posting to my blog, I noticed I needed to to update to the most current version of WordPress.  I clicked the button that says update in the WordPress Dashboard and the process started, than stopped.  I got the dreaded error message and that it could not complete.  Than when I tried to click on any of the links in the Dashboard, more error messages.

Next step, I had a choice to either do a new install of WordPress or contact Hostgator Support to see if maybe they could help.  They tell you on the website that they are not responsible for software, but thought I would take a chance on them anyway.  It was better than the alternative of either hiring someone familiar with WordPress or doing a new install.  I decided to try contacting support through their online chat and I got Christian C.  I had a 7 minute wait, which is pretty good for support from ANYONE.  Try that kind of time with your cable or phone company ha.  Christian was able to quickly find the issue and fix it.  But that didn’t fix it on my end.  So than he volunteered to manually do the upgrade for me, if I wanted.  Now who is going to turn down an offer like that :) .  Christian C. had my WordPress fixed in no time.  He was very friendly and helpful, I give him 10 stars.

This is not the only time I have had to use support.  And everytime, I have come to realize that is always the same.  Extremely helpful and gets the job done quickly.  July of 2012 I had installed a new WordPress theme  that ended up having Malware embedded in it.  I did not know about it, but Hostgator caught it and fixed the issue and just sent me an email letting me know which theme caused it and which files they had to edit to fix it.  They kept a ticket open just in case it caused any problems with any of my sites.

Hostgator has hosting for every budget whether you want just a simple couple of pages website to you have several websites you want to host.  I have several websites, so I use the Resellers account because I like having separate cPanels for each site.  Less chance of accidentally editing the wrong site.   In my opinion you really can not go wrong with Hostgator, between the pricing, the features and customer support, it just can not be beat.

Canadian Work at home companies

Here is a list of some companies that hire home workers in Canada.  I will post more as I find them.  As always, please do your own research on the company.…tor/main.shtml…telesales.html

Being Self Employed

Being self employed has its benefits and pit falls.  Some of the benefits include setting your own hours, going to work in your PJ’s if you so desire, saving money on gas, take out and even clothing.  Other benefits include being more available to your children, not having to have before and after school child care.  Not getting into trouble with your boss when you have to take time off for a sick child, a doctor appointment, parent-teach conference, etc.

Some pitfalls.  Relatives and friends thinking they can drop in unannounced any time they feel because they don’t really think of you as working.  When the economy is bad, you can expect to get hit in the pocket book.  Or at tax time, when because of the current administration, you income goes down but your taxes jump dramatically.  And as a single mother, extra expenses are still a heavy burden and a major set back, where other bills have to be put aside to cover like the car repair bill or in this case a huge tax bill.

In my case, I made $10,000 less in 2012, but my tax bill jumped up $1,200.  So I am asking my readers for donations to help offset this a bit.  Donations can be made via Paypal.

How to save the USA

Well first off, it obviously is not by relying on the Government. They are hell bent on destroying the Constitution and our country.

Just some thoughts on how to restore America one town at a time. And at the same time, clean up all of this corruption.
1. Take over a floundering town and hire police and a sheriff that knows what it means to Uphold the Constitution and that have no problem doing it. And I mean the real one, not the one that Obama and other politicians are right now trying to take away our rights. No Federal Authority will step foot in our town with out first notifying and getting permission from OUR Sheriff and they must be chaperoned by one of our law enforcement the whole time present.
2. Clean up the schools in that town. And install surveillance cameras in just the classrooms. Have and enforce a dress code, I do not believe in Uniforms but I also do not believe a child should be showing their underwear in public either. Children should be able to express themselves but they shouldn’t be wearing provocative clothing to the school. So some boundaries will be needed. The cameras is to not only verify what teachers are doing but also to back up teachers when they have problems with children and it is no longer a he said, she said crap. Parents will be reminded it is their responsibility to raise the child, it is the schools responsibility to educate the child. If your child makes a habit of disrupting class, you, the parent and the child, will both be visiting the judge. Not only will the schools teach the REAL History of America and the other core basics, foreign languages, metal, wood shop, cooking, designs, computer programming, their will also be college level classes, apprenticeship programs, etc. If the student does not pass their classes, they will be held back a year.
3. Companies will be rewarded for opening businesses in the town and for hiring locally.
4. No Welfare! If you need a temporary hand up, churches will be able to help you.
5. We will make our own laws and they will be based on the Constitution of the United States of America. No Federal Law will pass unless it has been based on the Constitution.
6. No illegal alien status. If you want to be a part of this town, you will either have the appropriate paperwork or you will work on getting it legally, which still means you must be in this country legally. If you are an illegal and you come to our hospital and give birth, your child will still be marked as a foreign born. You must speak English. Your religion is your choice.
7. You commit a crime, you do the time. Simple as that.
8. Hate crimes, racial crimes, bullying, will not be tolerated and your age will not matter. You will do time.
9. NO GMO foods. NO pesticides. NO hormone laced livestock.
10. We will practice Green Energy. Solar and Wind are 2 good choices, but not the only sources. We will also encourage our community to collect rain water and use it for gardening and such.
11. All Public Officials will be elected by the towns people, with limits on how long they can serve.
12. Crimes against the community will be treated as treasonous. And it does not matter who you are, you are still subject to the punishment if you step foot in our town.
13. Animal abuse will be treated the same as if it was a hate crime.
14. This would be about a community supporting one another, not the government supporting and controlling you.

It would be a safe community to live and raise a family. While at the same time, showing the rest of the USA how to live well, without government handouts and corruption. Where children would get a real education that could really use.

Like I said, just some thoughts. Feel free to add more.

Save some money when you buy meat

Some of the best ways to save money is by buying in bulk.  Well I found a good place that I want to share with all of you.  It is called Zaycon Foods and some of what they provide is

— high quality meats and fruits (& more)
— fresh from the best farms in America
— delivered direct by refrigerated truck
— sold in quantity only by the case
— at exceptional wholesale prices
— with secure online ordering
— and convenient local pickup
— at one of our scheduled savings events

Its free to register.  No membership dues are required.  And they will send you a email when they will be delivering in your area.  It depends on what is in season for your area as to what they will have available.  So the list does change frequently.  But basically you could buy a major part of your meat with them one month and not have to purchase any meat for 6 months or longer, depending on how much meat your family consumes.  But as an example, they sell their hamburger in 40 pound cases.  I break mine down into 1 pound servings and freeze in my trusty Food Saver bags.    The Alaskan Salmon comes in 20 pound cases with each Salmon filet about 2 pounds already individually vacuumed sealed.  For more information click this link Zaycon Foods

A list of work at home companies for Accounting and Finance

Please do not call these companies. Do your own homework. Visit the links and see if they are hiring, if they are, fill out the application online. I will be listing companies that hire telecommuters so you can bookmark the company and keep checking for when positions become available and I will be listing job postings as I come across them. What this list is, is companies that are known to hire people to work from home in the Accounting and Finance fields.

Texas Area Grocery Store Mystery Shop

Here is several shops available in Texas area grocery stores.

Palm Scheduling Services on behalf of TSN, Inc is scheduling Grocery Store shops available in TX. These shops need to be
completed between the hours of 4:00-8:00 PM.These shops are for weekdays only, cannot shop on the weekend.  Need to enter store
no later than 7:30 PM. Each shop pays $17, $7:00 payment to shopper, plus must order at least $10 in groceries or gifts. Will
be able to keep the $10 purchase.

Shoppers must be able to scan or take a photo of the receipt to load onto the shop.
Shoppers should have the shop entered within 12 hours of the shop time. Shoppers can visit multiple stores during this survey

Dates to shop: February 2nd – 10th  (Weekdays Only)

Must be registered with Texas Shoppers Network, Inc to complete assignment. If you are not registered please go to

If not registered, please go to <> . You will log in using your email address and a
password of tsn####, tsn and the last 4-digits of your phone number.


(003)  Houston 800 S. Wayside
Houston TX 77023

(004) South Houston 1603 Spencer Hwy.
Houston TX 77587

(006) Rosenberg 3707 Ave H
Rosenberg TX 77471

(007) Houston 6200 Bellaire
Houston TX 77081

(010) Houston 12201 East Fwy.
Houston TX 77015

(012) Houston 5800 Lyons
Houston TX 77020

(014) Houston 14315 Bellaire
Houston TX 77083

(018) Houston 8130 Kirby
Houston TX 77054

(023) Houston 9419 Mesa
Houston TX 77028

(037) Houston 7510 Bellfort
Houston TX 77061

(043) Houston 8650 S. Braeswood
Houston TX 77031

(046) Ft. Worth 275 N.E. 28th Street
Ft. Worth TX 76106

(053) Irving 975 E. Irving Blvd.
Irving TX 75060

(054) Garland 2940 S. First Street
Garland TX 75041

(059) Plano 1200 E. Parker
Plano TX 75074

(061) Ft. Worth 2700 8th Ave.
Ft. Worth TX 76110

(066) Katy 333 S. Mason Rd.
Katy TX 77450

(067) Fiesta 421 West Bolt
Ft Worth TX 76115

(069) Ft Worth 7809 Camp Bowie
Ft Worth TX 76116

(073) Irving 1145 W. Airport
Irving TX 75062

(076) Ft Worth 4245 E. Berry Street
Ft Worth TX 76105

(078) Carnival/Fiesta 102 NW 28th St
Ft Worth TX 76106

Thank you,
Ellen Poe, scheduler
Palm Scheduling Services
Scheduling for TSN, Inc.